Premium Metal Roofing


Why Metal?

Metal roofs give long-lasting protection, are attractive, and can save you money. Engineered tough to resist harsh climates and continue looking beautiful, Central States®  Horizon-Loc™ standing seam metal roofing can handle anything mother nature throws at it.  Best of all, it’s available in a variety of colors.

Long-lasting Protection

Driving rain, blowing snow, and harsh sun are no match for the ultimate protection of a metal roof.  A quality metal roof on your home is practically impervious to the forces of nature. A metal roof is permanent and lasts two to three times longer than traditional shingles.


Metal roofing is quickly becoming popular in neighborhoods across America. Not only do metal roofs look great, but they protect your home better than shingles, and are a permanent roofing solution.

Save Money

As with any sound investment, the initial cost of buying a metal roof is higher than using asphalt shingles. However, a superior metal roof can increase the resale value of your home up to 6% versus homes with asphalt shingles according to Remodeling Magazine.

Common Misconceptions About Metal

Isn't it Loud?

This is the single biggest misconception about metal roofing. Most people picture an old porch with a rocking chair and a loud rainstorm. In reality, a metal roof is installed with solid sheathing and underlayment, causing it to insulate noise much better than other roofing materials.

Does lightning strike it often?

Having a metal roof does not increase the likelihood of a lightning strike on your house. If your house does get struck by lightning, a metal roof would do a better job spreading out the energy to protect your home.

Does lightning strike it often?

Most people think that “metal is metal.” But, there is a wide variety of paint type and thickness, rust-blocking coatings, and steel hardness and thickness that protects your home from fading, rusting and denting. Never consider a roof based solely on price.

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Our Customers Love Us!

Kristen & Kevin's

The crew that came out here was phenomenal… we had no issues with debris or roofing nails…

Trusted to go the extra mile…

We chose Craftsmen to fix damage caused by a major hail storm. We needed a new roof, siding, fascia, gutters, some windows, and paint. We selected them not only because of their second-to-none reviews, but because it was clear from our first phone conversation that they are a highly reputable company and this was exemplified at every step of the process. Craftsmen is a small company who operates with the polish and efficiency of a larger company while still providing the personal touch of a small one. They did quality work and all its employees were professional, easy to work with, and could be trusted to go the extra mile to get the job done right. I would strongly recommend them and will use them again if there’s a need in the future.

Angie’s List Review (7/23/2018)

Unbelievable Morale

Craftsmen was efficient and polite from start to finish. The office staff was highly responsive to all of our questions and needs. The estimate was clear and detailed. When the crew arrived they were amazing. It was a pleasure to have them working on our house replacing the roof. They were efficient, neat, polite, and exhibited unbelievable morale from start to finish.

Angie’s List Review (7/12/2017)

Excellent Skill & Workmanship

This was the final stage of a project, which was spread over three years because of income tax considerations. I appreciated the continuity of working with the same staff and crew over these years. The skill and workmanship were excellent throughout. Cost of Service was for this final stage.

Angie’s List Review (7/22/2018)

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