Windows for the HolidaysSQ

Each holiday season Craftsmen Home Improvements gives away $10,000 worth of windows and doors to a family in need.

Below you will find our previous winners and their stories.

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Philomena House

At Philomena House, we strive to give women facing unplanned pregnancies a safe home and compassionate alternatives to abortion. All too often, women faced with unplanned or difficult pregnancies feel pressure from the people closest to them to terminate their pregnancy through abortion or face homelessness as their only other option. Philomena House wishes to provide better options and a safe, nurturing place for these women and their babies.

The team at Craftsmen Home Improvements was privileged to partner up with Richlin Windows to help meet the need of this wonderful organization.


Cancer Survivor

The winner of our 2015 Windows for the holidays is a local family.  The mother suffered and fought through cancer.  The family wishes to keep their story private.

The team at Craftsmen Home Improvements was privileged to help meet the need of this wonderful family.

WFTH Winner 2014 CampNathaniel

Camp Nathaniel

Camp Nathanael is a non-profit, independent Christian boys’ camp located on a private lake 20 miles east of Hinckley, Minnesota. The camp offers a scenic, safe and rustic setting for a variety of outdoor activities like swimming, sailing, model rockets, woodworking, climbing, mountain biking, shooting, archery, etc. There are also high-energy group games and activities that are suited to boys of all abilities.

The team at Craftsmen Home Improvements enjoyed joining forces with Lindsay Windows to help meet the need of installing new windows at the camp.


Pastor Paul Betiku

Pastor Paul Is the leader of Faith Community World Outreach which meets the spiritual, emotional, social and physical well being of members and visitors, including outreach to the elderly, youth, and others.

The Community is particularly called to serve immigrants and those American families and individuals seeking oneness with others in world community.

The team at Craftsmen Home Improvements enjoyed teaming with Lindsay Windows to help meet the need of installing new windows in his home.


Karen & Kent Saunders

Karen and Kent live in Bloomington and take great pride in their home. Karen has a masters degree and had worked as a planner at Honeywell. In 1982 Karen was diagnosed with MS. Over the course of the next seven years she went from using a cane to a walker and eventually to a wheelchair. For a while she was able to do her work in a scooter but eventually she was forced to leave her job and take disability.

The Saunders looked into getting new windows because their old windows were very drafty and the change in temperature extremes can take a dramatic toll on a person with MS.

After getting estimates they decided they cannot afford new windows due to their fixed income. Craftsmen Home Improvements and Lindsay Windows are excited to partner together to provide the Saunders with new windows for their home.

Bruce Winner

Bruce Sutter

Reason for Nominating:  “My dad is in the group of aging adults that were let go at their job when the recession first hit. He has been unable to secure employment since being laid off 3 years ago. His house is circa 1940’s and all the windows are original. He has barely any money to buy weekly groceries let alone do repairs to his aging house.

I would love to see him stay warm and reduce his energy bills. This would add more money to the pot for monthly bills and would keep him in his house that he loves so dearly. The most important things in life are a roof over your head, food in your belly and family to love.”

Tree House Winner Top

TreeHouse - Chaska, MN

Reason for Nominating: The Chaska TreeHouse annually serves more than 130 at-risk adolescents from the Eastern Carver County and Belle Plaine school districts.

When these teens first come to TreeHouse, they suffer from depression, abuse drugs and alcohol, perform poorly in school, engage in risky and self-destructive behaviors and come from families in crisis.

Through TreeHouses’s life-transforming programs, the staff at Chaska helps at-risk teens reduce these behaviors, encourages them to build healthy relationships with self and others, helps them connect to their community, both secular and religious, improves high school graduation rates, and puts them on track for post-secondary education or a vocation.

Last summer, generous donors of materials and labor made possible a major landscaping project. This landscaping makes the facility attractive from the outside; however, the windows in the current facility create high utility costs (taking away funding from programs), and contribute to an environment that is not comfortable, inviting and friendly.

An essential part of TreeHouse programming is creation of a safe haven where teens can share their problems with staff and their peers.

With cold winter air and summer heat and humidity coming through drafty windows, it is difficult to maintain the safe, inviting, comfortable TreeHouse that our at-risk adolescents need. In this current economic environment, fundraising is difficult; many of the funds Chaska TreeHouse depended on are no longer available for building improvements.

New windows would help TreeHouse – Chaska become even more successful.

2009 Winner

Teresa & Dean

Teresa and Dean have 14 children, ranging in age from 6-21, 13 of whom joined their family through the blessing of adoption and from the foster care system.  Teresa and Dean are passionate about parenting children who so desperately need a family and home to call their own.  They also realize the importance of keeping sibling groups together.

They welcomed their first child by adoption when he was just 2 months old. They had a biological child a couple of years later.  In 2001, they adopted a sibling group of 4 children who had been in foster care for 7 years.  In 2003, they adopted a sibling group of 3 children who had been in foster care for 3 years.  In 2005, they adopted another sibling group of 5 children who had also been in foster care.  While all of these sibling groups were in foster care, they were separated from each other.  The family lives in an old farmhouse which desperately needs better windows and doors.